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Drugs, drugs, drugs. Almost everyone uses them. Almost everyone has an opinion about them. Drug policy pioneer Ethan Nadelmann gets to the bottom of our strange relationship to drugs by talking with those who love them, hate them, and study them. We’d love to hear your stories and ideas. Send us a note at or leave a voicemail at 1-833-PSYCHO-0 (1-833-779-2460).

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Score: 4.5

Jay Shifman • Jay Shifman Blog Jun 10, 2022

"’s serious policy wonk discussions that will truly help you understand these topics better from an educated viewpoint. Psychoactive is already one of the best shows in the drug use and policy space. And that’s entirely because of Ethan and the incredible weight of his knowledge. Even though the show isn’t perfect, it’s pretty damn good and one of the better podcasts in the drug use and policy space."

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