Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy

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Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy


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On his adventures into MAGA country, Jordan Klepper encounters some of the more imaginative, conspiratorial minds America has to offer. In “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy,” a new, six-episode limited podcast series, Jordan steps off the trail to dig deep into some of the wildest theories he’s heard, and trace their origins with journalists, experts, and anyone who might have a lead on when JFK Jr. is coming back. The podcast offers an opportunity to better understand some of the most extravagant stories Americans tell themselves.

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Todd Spangler • Variety Dec 15, 2022

"On “The Daily Show,” correspondent Jordan Klepper has the unenviable task of regularly attending Trump rallies and interviewing the former president’s fanatical base. At the events, he became increasingly aware of conspiracy theories passed among his faithful, including QAnon loyalists who believe in the existence of an elite leftist cabal that drinks baby blood. While it’s easy to write off these theories as fringe nonsense, they’re unfortunately widespread — and sometimes amplified by Twitter’s new overlord, Elon Musk. This podcast breaks down each of these theories, as Klepper is joined by academics to trace their surprising histories, with enough jokes to keep things from getting too bleak."

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