How to Win an Election

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How to Win an Election


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As the parties prepare to do battle at the polls in 2024, we bring together three of the most experienced strategists of the past four decades who between them know a thing or two about winning (and losing) elections.Peter Mandelson, Polly Mackenzie and Daniel Finkelstein join journalist and stand-up comedian Matt Chorley for an intelligent, adversarial and witty political conversation every week.Follow the podcast now to never miss an episode.Send questions, comments and voicenotes to: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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James Marriot • The Times UK Nov 2, 2023

"As Times Radio listeners will know, nothing with Chorley involved is going to be worthy or dull. He sets a buoyant, fast pace. It’s good to have a podcast with the energy of live radio. Mandelson slots in as a drier, downbeat presence. Mackenzie has a quick wit. The panel format feels fresh and demonstrates that not every single podcast in the world has to be two blokes talking to each odd it is nobody has tried to capture that energy for a podcast before. It’s fantastic. I’m not just saying that."

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