Another Russia

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Ben Rhodes, Crooked Media, Zhanna Nemtsova

Another Russia


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In 2015 Putin’s number one public enemy, Boris Nemtsov, was shot and killed in front of the Kremlin. He was a relentless critic of Putin, corruption, and war in Ukraine. Then, he was assassinated. His daughter, journalist Zhanna Nemtsova, and co-host Ben Rhodes tell his story to find out what happened to an entire country – and what happens next. Is another Russia possible?

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Fiona Sturges • Financial Times Jul 31, 2022

"Of course, Russia’s descent into corruption and the rise of Putin are a tale that has already been told in books, films and TV documentaries, but now, with the invasion of Ukraine, it has a chilling new chapter. By focusing on Nemtsov, Another Russia finds a fresh path into a familiar story, reframing it via one man’s dissent. For Nemtsova, Russia’s corruption and geopolitical bullying are personal and her outrage in this podcast is palpable. …"

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