Hometown: A Killing

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Hometown: A Killing


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Award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar moves back to his hometown of Huddersfield to cover the death of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub but realises that there is a much bigger story in town

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Score: 4.5

Danielle Stephens • The Guardian Sep 11, 2020

"Hometown: A Killing puts its own spin on the trend, offering true crime-meets-investigative journalism, with an added look at British Pakistani culture. In the beginning, the story seems simple. Journalist Mobeen Azhar heads back to his hometown of Huddersfield to cover the seemingly tragic shooting by police of local man Mohammed Yassar Yaqub. But not is all as it seems, and every episode of this six-part series brings with it another twist. A binge-worthy series, it is both slightly terrifying, and a good example of why local, investigative journalism is as important as ever."

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Score: 4

Fiona Sturges • Financial Times Jun 27, 2020

"The first episode of Hometown (there are six available) is slow to get going, weighed down by the unnecessary foreshadowing and neat soundbites (we are promised “gangs, guns, and an international drug syndicate”) that seem to be a requirement of BBC crime podcasts. But things settle down as Azhar moves on to his upbringing in a town where “it rains a lot and the cold wind whips you from every direction”, and takes us to the street where he lived as a child.  It has become something of a podcasting cliché that journalists investigating crimes must embark on some sort of personal journey, but here it feels right given Azhar’s deep connection to the community. Suffice to say, matters take a dark turn. Azhar’s doggedness in trying to understand the problems of his home town, despite threats to his life, is quite something. And it’s not over yet.  …"

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