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Home Sleuth brings you true crime stories from citizen investigators taking justice into their own hands. An unidentified murder victim, a schoolteacher's suicide, the brutal dismembering of animals. The police have investigated these cases, but our sleuths aren't content with the answers. They begin their own search for justice.Over five episodes, we hear the gripping story of the role that home sleuths play in investigating crimes and mysteries, from the original internet sleuth in the 1990s through to present-day true crime YouTubers. In most true crime podcasts, a presenter tells you where the story is going. This time, we...

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Score: 4

Jude Rogers • The Guardian May 25, 2024

"...the storytelling itself is given over to amateur detectives, speaking alone for most of the show. That’s an ethical minefield you can hear buzzing in the distance. As chat-up techniques go, I’ve heard better. It’s all interesting stuff, but the sense of the BBC having their (indulgent) cake and eating it sat awkwardly with me throughout."

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