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In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.5

Chanel Dubofsky • Pop Sugar Jan 31, 2020

"CounterClock is a treasure trove for those who can’t get enough of cold cases getting to see the light of day."

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Listener Reviews

Score: 5

Sanaz T. May 7, 2021

"I discovered CounterClock by listening to CrimeJunkie. CounterClock basically took one of the murder stories and did a deep dive into it. They released all 20 episodes at once so I've been binging that. They also have a season on CounterClock talking about the newport beach doctor who would drug girls at bars with his girlfriend and take them home. The girl that does CounterClock is an investigative journalist so it's crazy to see how deep she goes into these stories, interviewing people involved."