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Burn Wild


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For more than a decade two mugshots of fugitive environmentalists have sat amongst airplane hijackers, bombers and murders on the FBI’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists list. One of the photos is of a tall, hipster looking engineer from Seattle. He’s wearing a red shirt, has a light shadowy beard. His name: Joseph Mahmoud Dibee. The other photo is of a young white woman with thick eyebrows, piercing brown eyes and long brown hair. Across her back is a large tattoo: a bird with its wings outstretched, soaring. Her name: Josephine Sunshine Overaker. To the authorities, Joseph Mahmoud Dibee and...

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Score: 5

Ximena Smith • Stuff NZ Sep 18, 2022

"What makes the podcast remarkable is Sottile’s extensive access to Dibee...The sound of the show is lush and high-end thanks to its sound designer and composer Phil Channell, who has also worked on other hit BBC podcasts such as The Missing Crypto Queen and Death In Ice Valley."

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