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From the moment Susan Woods was found dead at home in the summer of 1987, everyone in Stephenville, Texas—including the police—was certain she’d been killed by her estranged husband. That left the real culprit free to prey on others.Best-selling author Bryan Burrough returns to his small-town Texas roots to explore a murder case that went cold for nearly two decades. Only now, after discovering a voice from beyond the grave, can the whole story finally be told—a story about the secrets that got buried, and how some folks in this town helped keep them that way.From the...

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Score: 4.5

The Crime Writers Squad • Crime Writers On Aug 25, 2023

""Stephenville" brings some great reporting from A-list writer Bryan Burrough...The podcast is good, but not perfect. It may have reached too far in its thematic attempts."

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Score: 5

Lauren Passell • Podcast The Newsletter Jun 26, 2023

"The pacing and feel of this show is similar. Texas is a strong character here, the reporting is top notch, and the first few episodes really left me wanting more."

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