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Onscreen, Bruce Willis dodged bullets and explosions in Die Hard and countless action films, making him the biggest movie star of the ‘90s. Offscreen, he dodged the tabloid press and became so determined to live a private life he moved to one of the smallest towns in Idaho. But he didn’t just want to live in Hailey — he wanted to transform it. Soon, this sleepy old mining town was home to a culture clash between Hollywood spectacle and small-town values, with real-life secret rooms, car chases, and betrayal worthy of a Willis thriller. Welcome to Haileywood. Host Dana Schwartz will b...

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.8

Nicholas Quah • Vulture Dec 3, 2021

"Haileywood is a kinda campy and immensely interesting look at what happens when a particularly showy kind of extreme wealth steamrolls an existing community. It’s an “are you serious?” kinda story."

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Score: 4

Don Day • Boise Dev Nov 23, 2021

"The story Haileywood sets out to tell is fairly straightforward. Haileywood stretches out the story by taking storytelling side roads... If you’re really interested in Bruce Willis, the podcast series will entertain you. If you’re interested in the story of Willis and Moore’s attempt to redevelop Hailey, you might find it less fulfilling."

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