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Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney

The Always Sunny Podcast


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The Always Sunny Podcast is an unofficial look back on the past fourteen seasons of the hit show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hosted by Glenn, Charlie, and Rob. With the fifteenth season dropping December 2021, the guys are going back to where it all began: 2005. Starting with the very first episode, they’ll rewatch every season and give us a deep dive into their memories of creating the show, reveal how they first met, and discuss how they created a lasting partnership that has endured the better part of two decades. That is, if they can remember any of it.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Gwilym Mumford • The Guardian Feb 25, 2022

"...this bizarre and hilarious podcast is often funniest when it doesn’t even talk about the sitcom at all. In short, The Always Sunny Podcast is fantastic, but it does present a bit of a problem on public transport. Do I just try to stifle a laugh? Or try to bury it in my sleeve as if I’m sneezing? Or do I just full-throatedly own the laughter, and risk the weird looks? Any advice from experienced comedy podcast commuters would be gratefully received!"

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Score: 5

Brandon Miller • Looper Dec 17, 2021

"The guys clearly love each other, and they obviously love the show since they have kept on the air for a decade and a half."

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Score: 4.9

PodcAsteroid • Podcasteroid Dec 10, 2021

"’s a good podcast. It’s really fucking entertaining. Props have to go to whoever is producing these mostly freewheeling conversations and editing them down into a recognisable format that emerges after the first few episodes.if you’re even a casual fan, this podcast is a great companion piece to one of the best shows about terrible people on the air now or ever."

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Score: 4.7

Danielle Stephens • The Guardian Nov 26, 2021

"Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton allay any fears early on, making one another laugh as much as you might imagine. The scoring is the same as the show, and sound design is nonexistent, so the content needs to carry – which it does. For true fans, it’s a must listen..."

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Score: 4.5

Ray Flook • Bleeding Cool News Nov 20, 2021

" was rough in all of the right ways to the point where I hope they decide not to get too structured. I also appreciated that the trio doesn't hesitate to address some moments from the episode that may not stand up as well through a 2021 lens as they did back in 2005 (a move we're expecting them to return to for a number of other episodes). So if you're a fan of the record-setting series, it's a no-brainer for you to be checking out this podcast. "

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Listener Reviews

Score: 5

LF Mar 19, 2022

"Most of the episodes of The Always Sunny Podcast are in a similar format/structure, so it is difficult to pick a favorite episode. In general, I really enjoy or find it interesting when the hosts either talk about their acting careers, or provide anecdotes from their upbringing/life outside of acting, and how they related to the process in coming up with the subjects of each episode of the TV show."

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