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When your backyard burns, is anywhere safe? Welcome to World on Fire, a podcast that takes us to the front lines of out of control wildfires in Canada, Australia and the United States. Hosts Adrienne Lamb and Mike Flannigan look at what it takes to find hope in the midst of record breaking heat waves, and communities burning to the ground. Hear from exhausted crews battling wildfire after wildfire and find out why experts say this is just the beginning. Wildfires cost us our health, our homes and our communities, yet people everywhere rebuild and not just survive but thrive.

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Score: 5

Sarah Hoek - Daily Maverick - May 6, 2021

"The podcast taps into feelings of loss, engaging with listeners and making you face the fear that comes when nowhere is safe, when there is nowhere to run and going back isn’t an option. But these conversations also show our humanity in the face of tragedy; the food-drops of carrots for displaced wildlife, the firefighters who leave their homes to go across the world to help other countries extinguish flames, the communities who gather together to support those with nothing left. "

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