What's Her Name? What'sHerName

Dr. Katie Nelson, Olivia Meikle

What's Her Name? What'sHerName


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What’sHerName puts the women back into world history. Hosts (and sisters!) Olivia Meikle and Dr. Katie Nelson are professors by day, podcasters by night. Weaving interviews with experts into vivid, nuanced biographies, What'sHerName tells the stories of fascinating women you’ve never heard of (but should have). Fascinating and funny, thought-provoking and insightful. New episodes biweekly Wednesdays.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Michael Walsh • Yonkers Public Library Jul 1, 2022

"What’s Her Name is filled with interesting stories about powerful women. Their intelligence and shrewdness will impress you even if they were not the most ethical people, such as Ching Shih. The hosts and authors interviewed in the podcast do an excellent job of providing a concise history of the women they are discussing. While providing a timeline of the women, they tell numerous amazing stories about them that they uncovered in their research."

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Score: 4.9

Keelin • Mentally? A Magpie. Mar 28, 2022

"By blending conversation between the hosts, interviews, and other audio these professors of history give us a riveting example of a history podcast. They combine information and storytelling in a way that is accessible and academic without being arrogant.The overall quality of production is solid. What’s her Name is independently produced, and very well. What’s Her Name is everything I adore about podcasting. I’m overjoyed to have found this show and these hosts."

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