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Well That’s Interesting


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Welcome to Well… That’s Interesting, a comedy sciencey podcast for weird people who like learning about weird sh*t, like can hair grow between your teeth or could we ever lose our moon? (Sadly, yes to both.) WTI tells the story behind the facts and, turns out, those stories are funny.Join Jill ChaCha every week as they take The Flock on a journalistic, storytelling adventure into new, bizarre, often unexpected findings. The tales are epic and the laughter is plentiful.--WTI is a part of the Airwave Media podcast network! Visit AirwaveMedia.com to listen and subscribe to other...

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Score: 5

Alice Florence Orr • PodcastReview.org May 31, 2023

"...relishes in finding the sillier side of science....created an enthusiastic community around their podcast…"

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