Walt Disney: A Life in Films


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Mel Giedroyc steps into the magical world of Walt Disney, exploring his extraordinary life through the stories of ten of the much mythologised genius's best-loved works. (Only available in the UK.)

Critic Reviews

Score: 2

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Jul 8, 2023

"I was sorely disappointed. Giedroyc is not examining Disney’s career: she’s just reading from a script, in a singsong bedtime story manner. Someone else has done all the research, someone else has written her words. We are back to ye olde Radio 2 days of getting celebrities with no connection to a subject to read aloud to us, and I am not happy about it at all."

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Score: 4.5

Hannah J Davies • The Guardian Jul 6, 2023

"...it could easily descend into hagiography. Gladly it’s not afraid to look at the wider context around Disney – and his more controversial works."

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Score: 4.5

Charlotte Runcie • Telegraph UK Jul 5, 2023

"...there’s something quirky and appealing about using radio to tell a story about a man whose genius was so profoundly visual. Giedroyc herself has a delicious voice for radio, warm and inviting, empathetic and speckled with wit. I wanted, though, more of Giedroyc’s personality in the storytelling, and more of her own direct reflections on Disney movies. But the material, and the characters, are all there, and all enchanting."

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