Reality Bites Back

Bunim/Murray Productions

Reality Bites Back

REALITY BITES BACK pulls the curtain back from unscripted television, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite guilty pleasures, in-depth interviews with industry icons, and a plethora of games to help you sink your teeth into the reality genre. REALITY BITES BACK is hosted by 3 outspoken powerhouse Development Executives from the company who pretty much created the reality TV genre, Bunim/Murray Productions. Hosted by:Nikki Cameron (@niksaintlaurent)Mo Berduo (@moniqueberduo)Nicholette Dixon (@nicholette_d)Produced by:Grant Cotter (@grantcotter)Steve Ezell (@steveezell)Edited by: Connor Dowd (@connordowwd)Theme composed by: Charlie Scovill (@charliescovill)Wyatt Stromer (@wyattstromer)

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