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NPR's weekly news quiz. Have a laugh and test your knowledge with today's funniest comedians. And if you can't get enough, try our new mid-week show, Everyone & Their Mom. Each Wednesday, host Emma Choi takes the story everyone's talking about and uses it as an excuse to hang out with culture makers, Wait Wait panelists, and hilarious new comedians.Hate free content? Try a subscription to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!+. Your subscription supports public radio and unlocks fun bonus episodes along with sponsor-free listening. Learn more at https://plus.npr.org/waitwait

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Aigner Loren Wilson • Discover Pods Apr 20, 2021

"The reason that I think it’s a great show for stoners, though, is because it gamifies current events, highlights important but oftentimes un-talked about news, and interviews interesting people. All and all, it’s a highly entertaining show that’s great for laughs, news, and high ideas for a stoner’s early morning routine as they get ready to tackle their day."

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Listener Reviews

Score: 4

Sebastian G Nov 15, 2020

"Didn't know much about Chelsea Peretti before. Was fun to hear about how she made music album all about coffee. Her teaser for her new standup special making fun of standup specials piqued my interest as well. Peter Sagal had some good zingers on the Corona Virus and the recent election results. Overall, worth a listen."

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