The War on Drugs

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The War on Drugs


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In 1971, President Nixon declared drug abuse ‘public enemy number one’— the first salvo in America’s War on Drugs. Fifty years later, with drug overdoses in the US at a record high, are we any closer to ‘victory’? The War on Drugs has a more profound effect on society than any of us really understands. It is embedded in the fabric of our culture and permeates our daily lives in visible and invisible ways – perhaps the most daunting pandemic we face. Lava for Good’s The War on Drugs podcast, co-hosted by comedian Clayton English and Greg Glod, senior criminal justice fellow a...

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Score: 5

Nicholas Quah • Vulture Feb 1, 2023

"Features a classic hosting construction that pairs an attorney, Greg Glod, with the comedian Clayton English."

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