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Historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook are interrogating the past, and attempting to de-tangle the present.They question the nature of Greatness, why the West no longer has civil wars and whether Richard Nixon was more like Caligula or Claudius.  They're distilling the entirety of human history, or, as much as they can fit into about fifty minutes.Join The Rest Is History Club ( for ad-free listening to the full archive, weekly bonus episodes, live streamed shows and access to an exclusive chatroom community.Here are some of our favourite episodes to get you started:WATERGATE/NIXON

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Score: 5

James Marriot • The Times UK Jan 7, 2022

"...probably the only podcast I am properly addicted to and every day between Christmas and new year I shamefully retreated from the bosom of my family to get my fix."

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