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A podcast for music addicts and casual listeners alike, History Listen: Rock, will give its audience in-depth insight into the biggest rock songs and artists they love, with all of the context and crazy connections that will allow them to listen to their favorite melodies with a new appreciation. Rock and roll’s rich history is made up of countless characters with colorful stories, and History Listen: Rock, will illustrate the genre’s most significant narrative arcs by highlighting notable figures, events, and songs, as artists reach back through the past.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4

Patricia Nicol • The Times UK Jan 22, 2023

"...found the first two episodes of this, on the roots of R&B and rockabilly, tricky to follow. I craved more dates and linearity. Things had, however, settled down by the third episode covering Lead Belly, the folklorist Alan Lomax, the Greenwich Village scene and Bob Dylan."

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Score: 5

Hannah Verdier • The Guardian Jan 12, 2023

"St Vincent is your soothing host for this fine music lesson...The characters of the time are compelling subjects...St Vincent shows how this wasn’t just a man’s world."

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