The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher

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The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher


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Welcome to the Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher, where each week Jamie will be speaking to a footballer or a football fan, about their team, their love of football and asking what is the greatest game of football that they have ever seen or played in.Twitter @GreatestGamePodInstagram @greatestgamepodEmail

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.5

Tom Nicholson • Esquire Mar 2, 2021

"Pretty simple, this one: Jamie Carragher sits down to chat about the best game of football each guest has seen live or played in. That's about it, aside from a fairly standard bit where they pick a five-a-side team of ex-teammates or favourite players. What's interesting is the admirably insane seesawing in the quality of the guests."

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