The Giddy Carousel of Pop

The Giddy Carousel of Pop

The Giddy Carousel of Pop


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Welcome aboard The Giddy Carousel of Pop! We are a Smash Hits appreciation podcast dedicated to the swingorilliant British pop magazine which ran from 1978 to 2006. In each episode, we take an old issue of Ver Hits (usually from the 1980s but may slip a year or two either side of that) and discuss what’s on its pages, looking at who’s riding high on the carousel and who’s heading down the dumper. We always have a guest to help us along the way, so we’ll be talking to the readers, the writers, and who knows, maybe even the odd...

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Score: 5

Michael Hogan • The Guardian Aug 6, 2023

"The podcast is a freewheeling page-by-page dissection of its interviews, song lyrics and posters...Spotify and YouTube playlists enable full immersion. As personal memories are sparked, it becomes a snapshot of the time."

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