Your Favorite Band Sucks

Your Favorite Band Sucks

Your Favorite Band Sucks


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Become a Paid Subscriber: Let’s review: there’s no good art and it’s a red flag for adults to have a favorite band. Naturally, most of you will disagree. That's fine. Just pretend it's a drinking game. An algorithm randomly assigns the band Mark & Tyler destroy in every episode. Start on one everybody knows is trash, like The Beatles. But soon you'll realize culture is a pyramid scheme and your favorite band is just the soundtrack to a fake vintage t-shirt. (Get Ad-Free Episodes Here:

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Score: 1

Mr. Hipster • Mr. Hipster Blog Jan 23, 2023

"Ironically, if this is your favorite pod, you suck. It’s absolute trash. And, yes, I know it’s supposed to be “comedy,” but comedy is also supposed to be funny. I’m not certain if they ad-lib this stuff or actually plan shit, but their takes were not only bad, but just plain wrong. They got all sorts of details completely incorrect, and might as well have been doing a pod about a completely different band. It’s just two drunk guys riffing like a couple of college radio dorks in the privacy of their Binghamton off-campus apartment thinking they’re just the coolest with their constant f-bombs and “dudes.” But they are not. They suck."

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