THE FROTH with RHOD GILBERT, SIAN HARRIES & Friends - Comedy Podcast

Publisher: Llanbobl Vision

Critic Rating: 5.0/5


Comedy Podcast with Rhod Gilbert, Sian Harries & Friends. ‘Froth’: ‘something appealing, but with no serious value or interest; worthless or insubstantial talk’. That’s married comedians Rhod and Sian in a nutshell. A spa-break for the mind, far away from the relentless, depressing serious news cycle, only tackling the frothiest of life's frothy stuff - "Yesterday's Non-News, Today".

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Hannah Verdier - The Guardian - Jun 5, 2020

"Gilbert and Harries are a natural comedy pairing who more than deliver on the froth front."

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