The Commune


The Commune


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A 12-part documentary podcast about the notorious free-love commune, Centrepoint. There are crimes. But this isn’t a whodunnit. It’s a whydunnit.

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Score: 5

Remy Varga • The Australian Sep 8, 2023

"The Commune is less of an exposé and more of an attempt to explore the nuance of Centrepoint, detailing the good as well as the bad of life in the commune. It’s a different take on the well-trodden genre of true crime podcasting and audiences can make their own decisions on the morality of the approach. This may sound distasteful but honestly The Commune starts off funny and manages to stay entertaining, playing off the cult’s strange predilections such as the absence of doors on showers and toilets. The Commune is well produced and at times very funny while at others confronting and heartbreaking. It’s also highly addictive..."

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