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Sounds Like Hate


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Sounds Like Hate is a podcast from the Southern Poverty Law Center that tells the stories of people and communities grappling with hate and searching for solutions. You will meet people who have been personally impacted by hate, hear their voices and be immersed in the sounds of their world. And, you will learn about the power of people to change – or to succumb to their worst instincts. Sounds Like Hate was nominated for two People’s Voice Webby awards in 2022. Season One takes a deep dive into the realities of hate in modern America: how it functions, how it spre...

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Score: 4.8

Lauren Passell • Bello Collective Dec 2, 2020

"The mixture of storytelling, reporting, and audio taken from inside a violent neo-nazi group is chilling. If you don’t realize how serious and organized hate groups are in America, you will soon find out."

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