Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure

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Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure


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Smoke Screen is an investigative documentary series on people with complex motives and morals. Follow characters on the fringes of society — con artists, cult leaders, corrupt politicians — as they seduce their marks and bend communities to their will. Join us as we unravel their stories and bring justice to the people they’ve deceived. For advertising opportunities, contact SEASON 5: Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure is a podcast about a family on the fringe who convinced tens of thousands of people across the globe to buy a miracle liquid made of poison, the international conspiracy they ignited, and the people...

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Score: 1

The Crime Writers Squad • Crime Writers On Mar 16, 2023

"We felt like we were missing something in "Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure." failed to deliver on some basic questions about what was going on...also thought the host was a little too blasé when getting her hands on the poison."

Score: 5

Hannah Verdier • The Guardian Jan 19, 2023

"(Season: Deadly Cure) Host Kristen V Brown tells the mind-boggling story of the dangerous cult that promoted it and a band of activists who went on a mission to hunt its members down and stop them."

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