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In 2005 Olivia Newton John's ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott vanished without a trace. Then, in 2006, sightings of him were reported in Mexico. Did he fake his own death? Poppy Damon and Alice Fiennes investigate

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Score: 5

Fiona Sturges • Financial Times Apr 25, 2021

"These are wildly improbable and hugely entertaining tales, each of them a Hollywood-style thriller boiled down to 40-ish minutes of edge-of-the-seat audio. But the most extraordinary moments come when the protagonists, such as Ramon, are able to speak for themselves and show how there really can be life after death. …"

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Score: 4.5

George Fenwick • Stuff NZ Apr 25, 2021

"Episodes run between half-an-hour and an hour, and hosts Alice Fiennes and Poppy Damon, both true crime authors, reveal each story with care and style."

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Score: 5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Apr 10, 2021

"God, these are weird stories they’re telling. Fiennes and Damon ask all the right questions, and every episode is fascinating. Excellent stuff."

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Score: 4

James Marriot • The Times UK Apr 9, 2021

"The show is fun, but the complex plots mean that it’s one to listen to when you have time to concentrate. I tried to listen to episode one while answering some emails and ended up baffled."

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