Organized Chaos with Rex Ryan and Bart Scott

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Organized Chaos with Rex Ryan and Bart Scott


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With episodes every Tuesday and Thursday during the football season, ESPN and Andscape contributor Domonique Foxworth debuts his new podcast featuring his unique perspectives on football, the personalities surrounding it, and just about anything else he finds interesting or thinks you might. You’ll also hear from Dom’s friends and colleagues, and now and then a name or two that might surprise you. Follow "The Domonique Foxworth Show" wherever you get your podcasts or on the ESPN NFL YouTube channel.

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Score: 4.8

Rebekah Moseley • Laughing Place Sep 14, 2021

"Their camaraderie shines through this pairing and Scott’s recent year on ESPN radio midday in New York has honed his skills as a sports broadcaster. He does a great job of focusing Coach Ryan on specific team dynamics and player performances while not getting in the way of tangential thoughts or analysis that pop up."

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