One Night in Snake Park - Sound Africa

One Night in Snake Park - Sound Africa

Publisher: Sound Africa

Critic Rating: 5.0/5

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Neroli Price - Daily Maverick - Oct 9, 2020

"This newest offering from Sound Africa asks us to take a look in the mirror and grapple with the roots of xenophobia in South Africa. Perhaps one of the greatest joys of listening to a local podcast is entering a familiar soundscape. Right from the opening scene, One Night in Snake Park delivers a strong sense of place through its sounds and voices. One of the challenges in making an investigative journalism podcast, Bitsch explains, “is striking a balance between being entertaining and being informative”. There is so much ground to cover and the series relies on a lot of narration to tie it all together. The magic of good audio storytelling is that we’re invited to linger for a while in someone else’s experience. One Night in Snake Park holds up a mirror and forces us to grapple with the tensions and violence constantly brewing just below the surface in South Africa."

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