NASA's Curious Universe


NASA's Curious Universe


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Our universe is a wild and wonderful place. Join NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers on a new adventure each episode — all you need is your curiosity! First time space explorers welcome.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Brian Keller • Brian's Branded Reviews Aug 30, 2023

"They do a great job providing plenty of details about what their day to day work is at the space agency, as well as digging into the path to NASA and inspirations of the guests."

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Score: 5

Keelin • Mentally? A Magpie. Jan 3, 2022

"While the interviewees emanate that gush of wonder we want to see from those involved at NASA, the host gives me more of a relaxed vibe. It’s easy to listen to and extremely accessible- but might be a little too much for people who don’t want to feel like they’re watching a video their instructor pulled up in class. I can’t wait to finish the series on the James Webb Space Telescope and listen to more of NASA’s Curious Universe to satisfy my own space itch. This is a well done podcast that will be an excellent addition to many rotations. For me, I’ll be using it as a palette cleanser between true crime and thriller podcasts."

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Listener Reviews

Score: 4.8

Imran A. Feb 23, 2021

"Easy-going. Easy-to-understand. Straight from the source. Mars never sounded so good! Fascinating. "