Love Is a Crime

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Love Is a Crime


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It’s one of the wildest scandals in Hollywood history: In 1951, major Hollywood producer Walter Wanger (Jon Hamm) went to prison for shooting an agent who he suspected was having an affair with Joan Bennett (Zooey Deschanel), Wanger’s actress wife. When the dust settled, Wanger was accepted back into Hollywood’s inner circle with open arms, while a puritan panic virtually ended Bennett’s career in movies and her family would never be the same. How did Joan — the youngest member of one of America’s most famous acting families, and one of the key femme fatales of 1940s film noir —...

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Nicholas Quah • Vulture Sep 15, 2021

"The enterprise largely translates into a brisk overview of the film noir genre, historically recognized for the way it captures America’s darker postwar spirit. But the heart of the series is tethered to Hope’s co-lead journey as she sorts through the substance of her family history. To listen to Hope is to wonder what it must be like to carry the burden of a deep family scandal."

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