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Halloween Unmasked is an eight-part podcast series from The Ringer celebrating the remarkable and terrifying phenomenon of America’s most revolutionary horror film, Halloween. Hosted by film critic Amy Nicholson, the show dives deep into the Halloween franchise, unpacking John Carpenter’s accidental classic, Jamie Lee Curtis’s legacy as the ultimate scream queen, and psychoanalyzing the film’s iconic masked killer, Michael Myers.

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Score: 4.8

Nicholas Quah • Vulture Oct 30, 2018

"Nostalgia and biographical confluence feature heavily in the Ringer’s Halloween Unmasked, a new audio documentary hosted by film critic (and Vulture contributor) Amy Nicholson that examines the history and the legacy of the iconic 1978 horror flick. ...the podcast is a refreshingly accessible introduction to the film and everything it’s wrought. It’s something you might suggest to a friend or loved one who doesn’t understand your horror obsession. The resulting vibe is revelatory and energizing, particularly when contrasted against the stoic narration styles of so many other narrative podcasts, but it still inherits that voice of authority. I wish more podcast narration sounded as naturally human as this. Halloween Unmasked carries a slight sheen of brand marketing that only intensifies as the series plays out. But on the whole, Halloween Unmasked is a fresh, vibrant, and modern entry into the well-trafficked culture-podcast genre. Not only does it help you understand the roots of a nostalgia that might not be yours, it helps you feel it too."

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