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Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast


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Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast is a brand new weekly re-watch podcast that is the place to be for fans of Downton Abbey in all its forms, from the television series to the upcoming film Downton Abbey: A New Era . Co-hosted by Rotten Tomatoes Awards Editor Jacqueline Coley and British broadcaster Anita Rani, Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast goes deep, starting with the iconic moments of Season 1 and taking fans all the way to the new film.

Critic Reviews

Score: 1

James Marriot • The Times UK Mar 18, 2022

"Significantly less promising...This rather oversells a blandly promotional conversation with Fellowes, who amiably bats back answers to the softball questions (“I knew how funny you are, but don’t you forget how funny the show is?”) down a crackly phone line. Even fans of the show — if such people still exist — are advised to avoid this one."

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