Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala

Publisher: Ted

Critic Rating: 4.0/5


Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala is a journey across the globe in search of the world's most surprising and imaginative ideas. It's not a travel show, exactly. It's a deep dive into the ideas that shape a particular spot on the map, brought to you by local journalists and creators. Weave through the streets of Bangkok with a motorcycle midwife. Time-travel with dinosaurs behind a hardware store in New Jersey. Meet a guy who dresses up as a luchador to protect citizens from traffic in Mexico City. Drop in, listen up, dig deep. (And yes, we used to be called...

Critic Reviews

Score: 4

Calen Cross - Bello Collective - Dec 2, 2020

"Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala (formerly Pindrop) came out at the perfect time. From the Quechua rap in Peru that keeps the language alive, to the radio programming in Bangkok that has taken the place of some social services, Far Flung gives us a new view of the wider world."

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