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Will Conway

Baggage Claim


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These are travel stories no one tells. These are the awkward language barriers and the dozen-hour bus rides. Join Will Conway as he stumbles off an airplane into the world of Instafamous twenty-somethings at hostel bars, almost poops in the middle of a street and accidentally illegally immigrates to Paraguay. This is the opposite of travel porn. It’s travel diarrhea. Sometimes literally. Always metaphorically. New story every Tuesday for twenty-eight Tuesdays. If you’re in the United States or Canada, text POD to (332) 877-9540 to make friends. Heaven knows Will needs a few friends. Otherwise, find him online at heyb...

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Score: 5

Alice Florence Orr - - Aug 11, 2021

"Conway’s stories soothe as much as they transport, and Baggage Claim is an ambitious reinterpretation of the travel podcast format."

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