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You can binge all episodes of The Hacking by subscribing to the Crowd Stories channel for just £1 a week. Is the post-Cold War era over? In this brave new world, nothing is too small, or big, to be digitalised…including acts of war. Russian ransomware attacks almost doubled last year. At this very moment, cybercriminals are crippling schools, supermarkets, dentists, kindergartens, hospitals, oil pipelines - all in the name of money. Katie Puckrik wants to know who, and why. You can listen to the previous series of dot com on this same feed. Series 1 unveils the hidden army of volunteers beh...

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Score: 3

James Marriot • The Times UK Nov 26, 2021

"What Wikipedia is is interesting. It’s too virtuous to be hot. Imagine the film The Social Network if the young Mark Zuckerberg had eschewed all profit. Not much would happen. As indeed not an awful lot happens in Dot com: The Wikipedia Story."

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Score: 4

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Nov 20, 2021

"Some of that texture and nuance would have been useful...Host Katie Puckrik is excellent as always: wry, insightful and a great interviewer. Though Puckrik does her witty best, the show needs more varied sound dynamics – a sense of location and time. This is a dense, interesting show, given levity, if not purpose, by its presenter."

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