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Join Ashley Ahearn as she visits working ranches across the West to meet the women who are reimagining the way we raise meat. There are a lot of problems with the industrial meat system in this country. Ahearn saddles up, microphone in hand, to bring us a series of sound-rich portraits of women ranchers – their big dreams and daily challenges – as they work to change the ways we manage land and livestock in the West.Projects like these are made possible by Boise State Public Radio members. Give now to support future podcasts.

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Score: 4.7

Kylie Mohr • High Country News Jun 15, 2022

"Ahearn excels at capturing natural sounds to create an immersive experience. Listeners feel as though they are right alongside her, listening to wolves howl, poking around cow dung looking for beetles and sitting in the saddle on cattle drives. Short episodes sometimes left me wanting more detail...collectively, the episodes offer numerous ways to rethink how meat is raised, and in the process, how ranchers interact with the land around them."

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