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In For Scores, host Jon Burlingame takes listeners on a magical journey into the world of film and television composers, revealing never-before-heard special moments behind many of today's most beloved scores. This season, you'll hear personal stories from the composers of Marvel Studios Avengers and Pixar's Toy Story films, Captain Marvel, Coco, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and so much more!

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Score: 5

Sam Gohra • Vurbl Mar 14, 2020

"The well-produced podcast intersperses the composers’ words with the music they are discussing, providing an immersive listening experience. Burlingame has spent 30 years writing about music, producing countless articles in prestigious publications, writing four books, and lecturing around the world. His knowledge of and passion for the medium shines through in the podcast, as he knows the exact questions to mine gold from his interviewees. Best of all, however, Burlingame spends much of his time simply letting his guests talk. Such honest recounting of mistakes made and lessons learned make for a refreshing listen and are no doubt invaluable for prospective composers."

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