Blood on the Tracks: The Phil Spector Story

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Blood on the Tracks: The Phil Spector Story


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On Friday, July 29th, 1966, Bob Dylan crashed his Triumph 500 motorcycle on a road in Woodstock, an artists’ colony in upstate New York. And then he disappeared. For ten days, as Dylan recovered privately in the house of a local doctor, few people knew if he was dead or alive. When he resurfaced, he was transformed. He looked different. He sounded different. What exactly happened to Bob Dylan during those ten days? Was he actually recovering from injuries sustained in the accident? Detoxing from heavy drug use? Was he suffering a mental breakdown, having just completed a polarizing world tour and re...

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Score: 3.5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Jan 23, 2021

"A plethora of ludicrous noir-ish sound effects, added to inappropriately sweet background music, makes this a difficult listen. I admire the imagination, but I’m not entirely impressed by the result."

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