Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition

The Institute for Science & Policy

Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition


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Science was revolutionized by Newton’s laws of motion. But how can we revolutionize our ideas? Laws of Notion is a podcast by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where we push against our preconceived beliefs and think critically about the world around us. Each season, we’ll tell a story about an issue facing a community, where there are no easy answers. Listen to explore the interconnections between science, policy, and our human nature.

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Score: 5

Kylie Mohr • High Country News Jun 15, 2022

"Host Kristan Uhlenbrock asks tough questions with care and compassion to humanize the situation, deepening listeners’ understanding of what the transition away from coal really entails. The podcast ultimately can’t answer the question of how to balance the obligation to protect the planet with the need to preserve livelihoods and cultural identity, but listeners are treated to a variety of perspectives along the way."

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