Publisher: Densho

Critic Rating: 5.0/5


Brother-sister duo Noah and Hana Maruyama weave together the voices of survivors to spin narratives out of the seemingly mundane things that gave shape to the incarceration experience: rocks, fences, food, paper. Follow along as they move far beyond the standard Japanese American incarceration 101 and into more intimate and lesser-known corners of this history.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Phoebe Lett - New York Times - Feb 25, 2021

"The duo (well equipped for the project as an American studies researcher and historian, and an audio producer-composer) use these collected items to weave together the voices of those who survived the camps. Each object — rocks, fences, cameras, even latrines — is an entry point for beautiful narration that connects the survivors’ moving testimonies to pasts long before 1942 and into the present day."

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Score: 5

PR Staff - - Jan 13, 2021

"What’s impressive about Campu is how artfully it tells intimate stories like this one alongside the larger histories of this shameful period."

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