12 Years that Shook the World

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

12 Years that Shook the World


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12 Years That Shook the World explores stories of real people, the choices they made, and specific moments in Holocaust history from 1933-1945. From the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, this podcast is released in seasons.

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Score: 5

Michael Walsh • Yonkers Public Library Jan 27, 2022

"This story, along with so many others in the podcast, was astonishing to listen to. 12 Years That Shook The World is a podcast that fits into any curriculum about the Holocaust. Scholars are interviewed in every episode that I listened to and they discussed their extensive research. They tell stories about the Holocaust that you may not know about. At times they are graphic, but it is impossible to talk about this period in history without discussing atrocities. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to learn more the Holocaust."

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