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Camp WeWow


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From the award-winning creators behind kids podcast Wow in the World, WeWow is a variety show featuring all of your favorite characters from across Tinkercast’s podcasts. From WeWow on the Weekend hosted by your favorite nosy neighbor Dennis to week-long WeWow’s with daily STEAM activities, every episode of WeWow encourages curious kids to engage with all the WOW in the world.

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Score: 5

Lakshmi Hutchinson • Common Sense Media Jun 20, 2022

"It's a fun listen that encourages creativity and experimentation and the activities are simple (allowing them to be recreated at home), yet reinforce science concepts in a meaningful way. In addition to its immensely funny and talented hosts, this podcast stands out for op-notch sound production, music and sound effects. The humor will be appreciated even by those older than the target audience, making this a good choice for kids, siblings, and adults to listen to together."

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