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Hada de Fresa


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Hada de Fresa es el podcast infantil y familiar basado en el famoso canal de YouTube. Un podcast para niños y padres con cuentos educativos y divertidos donde entrevistaremos además a expertos de diversas áreas relacionados con el bienestar, la educación y el desarrollo infantil.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4

Juan Rodriguez Aguilar • Common Sense Media Sep 29, 2022

"Parents will enjoy that the stories are a great entryway for kids to learn about classic tales for the first time, while older children will gain a new understanding of the deeper meanings and values within these stories. The host doesn't always explicitly explain the messages of each story, which encourages children to think for themselves and absorb the meanings at their own pace. Though the quality of audio production is good, it tends to be loud and a little rambunctious."

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