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Score: 2

James Marriot • The Times UK Jan 8, 2021

"**Update - Predictably, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s podcast Archewell Audio is boring and a bit silly. For all the peace-and-love whiffling, it’s a harsh, competitive place out there in California. And there are plenty of celebrities more interesting and more talented than them."

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Score: 3.5

Sophie Gallagher • Independent (UK) Dec 30, 2020

"...overall I'm not sure what to take away from the podcast. For the everyday listener looking for an entertaining snippet in their day, the sentiments shared by guests do - as promised by Meghan in the introduction - bring a little “warmth, a smile and something to think about” - but that something in my case was whether I would bother tuning in again. There are moments when the California couple do try to bring more of themselves to the party...the palpable chemistry between Harry and Meghan (that many might have worried would be diminished by the turmoils they have faced), are what will keep listeners coming back for more. Let’s only hope they don’t edit themselves out."

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Score: 2.5

James Marriot • The Times UK Dec 30, 2020

"The first episode of Harry and Meghan’s podcast Archewell Audio introduces a world where chefs don’t cook, they “empower communities through food”; where people don’t do things, they “manifest” them; where people don’t “say”, they “share” and so on. It’s all blandly Californian. Like Goop but without the fun. Inspirational piano music plays throughout. It’s all very tasteful and unchallenging. The show’s stated aim is to “build community through shared experience, narratives, and values”, which I suppose is vague enough that it’s hard to say whether it succeeded or not. To me it all seems inoffensive, if naff. I imagine most people will find it too dull to get through the whole thing (it seems to have been made more to burnish the egos of its hosts than to entertain listeners."

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Score: 3

Hannah Verdier • The Guardian Dec 29, 2020

"...this isn’t your average interview podcast, mostly because Harry and Meghan don’t actually do any interviewing. Instead, they’ve asked their guests to record audio diaries to mull over what 2020 means to them. Meghan is super-slick and NPR-confident, leading the conversation as Harry follows: she starts the sentences with purpose and he finishes them. And if it wants to appeal to a mass market who fancy an uplifting half-hour that reassures them there may be some light in the world, it’s there."

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