A Hateful Homicide

Mallery Jenna Robinson

A Hateful Homicide


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A Hateful Homicide @ahatefulhomicide is an American true-crime and investigative journalism podcast from Los Angeles California by Transgender and HIV Healthcare advocate Mallery Jenna Robinson @MalleryJenna90. The true-crime and investigative journalism podcast focuses on the murders (solved and unsolved) of Transgender, Gender Nonbinary/ Nonconforming, Intersex, Two-Spirit and gender expansive community members throughout the United States. #AHatefulHomicide #AHH #SayAHH #Saytheirnames #Translivesmatter #TrueCrime #Suspenseful Saturdays Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ahatefulhomicide/support

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.9

Tal Minear • Podplane May 30, 2022

"I'm usually wary of true crime podcasts - I find many of them easily go into dubious and unethical territory, or turn tragic stories into sensationalized entertainment. But this show takes the subject matter seriously and respectfully, something that most of the news media fails to do when talking about the murder of trans people...this show isn't an easy listen, and it knows that. But it's so important to have accurate coverage of these cases, and I'm grateful that..."

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