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One July night in 1995, Deputy Sheriff William G. Hardy was shot behind the Crown Sterling Suites hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. At the same time as the murder, at least ten people saw Toforest Johnson four miles away, at a popular nightclub called Tee's Place. But detectives zeroed in on him as a main suspect in Deputy Hardy’s murder anyway, ultimately resulting in Toforest being tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. For over a quarter century, Toforest has been confined to a 5’ by 8’ cell on Alabama’s death row. In 2019, investigative journalist Beth Shelburne began covering the case, going down a distur...

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Score: 2.5

The Crime Writers Squad • Crime Writers On Nov 16, 2023

"Lara and Kevin say the podcast is tightly written and meticulously researched. Toby says it's a true crime story with a real twist and a real villain. Rebecca says this is one of the best true crime podcasts she's ever heard and an absolute must-listen."

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Score: 5

Mara Davis • Paste Magazine Oct 16, 2023

"It’s like hearing injustice play out in real time. After decades of appeals, the U.S Supreme Court will decide whether it will review Johnson’s case in October 2023."

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