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90210... It's been THIRTY years since we walked the halls of West Beverly High, since we all hung out at the Peach Pit, since Brandon and Kelly had their first kiss, since we shouted Donna Martin Graduates!Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are here for it all! Join them as they rewatch every episode from the very very beginning. Discover all the behind the scenes juicy details you've dreamed about for thirty years. Super fan and radio host, Sisanie, sits in to guide them through it all. Listen each week and relive it all with your favorite 90210 BFF's. Reminisce, Reflect, Rewatch.90210...

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Megan Behnke • Pop Culture Aug 18, 2023

"From Gabrielle Carteris to Dean Cain, and even a special episode with plenty of familiar voices to celebrate the life of Joe E. Tata, 90120mg has it all. …"

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Score: 1.5

Rebecca Onion • Slate Jun 18, 2021

"...there’s very little content to this show—and pretty weird vibes, to boot. After listening to this episode of the podcast, in which Garth barely seems to be trying to participate in the conversation, I agree. Then there was the part when they remark on how deep it is when the character Brandon observes, “How come nobody in L.A. is from L.A.?” “That’s still so relevant!” they nod, as I die slowly on the inside, fighting a losing battle against my internalized misogyny."

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