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MAKE COOL SH!T blends the best parts of comedy, documentary, and reality TV in a true story of hope and process. Season 1 is all about making a movie - a Certified Fresh horror/comedy feature called "Scare Me" featuring College Humor icon Josh Ruben, Aya Cash (The Boys), Chris Redd (SNL), Becky Drysdale (Key and Peele), and hosted by Aaron Kheifets (Comedy Central). From script to its premier at Sundance, this hilarious non-fiction podcast captures all the grit and nuance of filmmaking in the modern age. Support this podcast:

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Score: 4.5

Jared Shuff • The Collegian (K State) Apr 7, 2021

"The first few episodes focus on Ruben’s background, the technical and business aspects of filmmaking and pre-production. While this might not interest everyone, it offers a unique perspective of the filmmaking machine, showing how all the gears work together to create a quality production. This podcast is great for film students interested in the realistic making of an independent film or anyone who just wants to know how cool shit gets made."

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